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Jul 13 2009

TANGO PODCAST English version – #2 – What is Tango? – 2

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A non profit podcast with didactic content for the diffusion of Tango culture.

In this show we talk about the meaning of Tango.

You may listen to the following tangos:
Claudinette – Juan D’Arienzo sings Héctor Maure;
Anclao En Paris – Carlos Gardel;
El Choclo – Francisco Canaro sings Tita Merello;
Tormenta – Malena Muyala;
Menta Y Cedron – Angel D’Agostino sings Angel Vargas;
Cafetin De Buenos Aires – Edmundo Rivero;
Cantor De Buenos Aires – Orquesta El Arranque.

Music intro and outro: Junto a Bach en Leipzig – Nestor Vaz Tango Trio.
Background music: Silbando – Anibal Arias.

Tango Podcast English version # 2 listen online

Download the podcast with a right click and save link as: DOWNLOAD

Duration: 27’10”

El Siglo De Oro Del Tango – Horacio Ferrer – Manrique Zago Ediciones – Buenos Aires

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